Our unique story dates back to the 18th Century and a beautiful Russian Empress… During a visit to one of the Baltic States – Latvia, the Great Russian Empress Catherine II was introduced to a groundbreaking discovery that promised to be an elixir of youth and a true miracle of nature – ELIER.
A lifelong love affair with ELIER began then, and in 1785 Catherine II officially endorsed ELIER by giving her blessing to the brand and issuing permission for ELIER to be used for therapeutic purposes.  Her entire life, the Russian Empress continued to use ELIER to enhance her beauty, vibrant health and captivate new admirers.

ELIER (from an old Baltic language – ello liega era) is a unique organic peloid, naturally formed over millions of years deep underneath an ancient mineral rich lake.  With only one known source in the world (now a natural preserve), ELIER is very close in structure to human cells. Renowned ethno-botanists, researchers and medical professionals have studied ELIER for decades.  Their studies have shown that ELIER is active at the cellular level and has an amazing ability to slow the aging process and positively affect almost every system in the human body.

Our royal tradition continues even today with a unique luxury toothpaste that was specifically created for the Queen of England.  The most expensive oral care in the world – valued at 50,000 Euro, the toothpaste was presented to the Her Majesty for her birthday.