High Organic Complex®

ELIER HighOrganic Complex® comes from a life giving peloid extracted from deep underneath a pristine ancient lake, and is the key ingredient in all ELIER products.
Containing over 800 biologically active substances that are very close in structure to human skin cells, ELIER HighlyOrganic Complex® works at the cellular level and is able to positively affect almost every system in the human body. The patent pending ELIER HighlyOrganic Complex® is absorbed upon contact and has shown a remarkable ability to slow the aging process in clinical studies.

Properties of ELIER HighOrganic Complex®

• Active at the cellular level
• Directly from a pristine source in nature
• Rich in anti-oxidants and protects tissues from oxidative damage
• Over 800 active substances have a positive synergistic effect
• Nourishes skin cells with vital elements needed for optimal function
• Remarkable rejuvenating and anti-aging properties
• Assists cell energy transfer and metabolism