Luxury Toothpaste Duo




Discover your most beautiful smile with this luxury ELIER Toothpaste Duo for Day and Night oral care. An advanced formulation incorporating the exclusive ELIER HighOrganic Complex® brings therapeutic benefits to sensitive gums, while smile brightening Silica and enamel strengthening minerals create a bright and healthy smile!

• AM and PM formulas specifically address the needs of day and night time care
• Hydrated Silica gently polishes away surface stains
• ELIER HighOrganic Complex® nourishes and calms sensitive gums
• All natural, advanced and fluoride free formulation

Suggested Use
Use ELIER Day Toothpaste for effective day time care and fresh breath, and ELIER Night Toothpaste for the needs of night time oral care. Use a pea sized amount, brush thoroughly and rinse.