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Natural components for perfect maintenance and regeneration of Elier Unique have a positive effect on blood microcirculation, the state of Kapilarsysteme and the lymphatic flow. They have the property to reduce swelling of the skin, are driving the regeneration process, activate the skin’s metabolism and strengthen the immune system of the organism. Elier Unique has an antioxidant effect, fighting against the inclusion of free radicals in the skin, which slows the aging process.


ROYALTY TAKES NOTICE Our unique story dates back to the 18th Century and a beautiful Russian Empress… During a visit to one of the Baltic States – Latvia, the Great Russian Empress Catherine II was introduced to a groundbreaking discovery that promised to be an elixir of youth and a true miracle of nature – […]

High Organic Complex®

ELIER HighOrganic Complex® comes from a life giving peloid extracted from deep underneath a pristine ancient lake, and is the key ingredient in all ELIER products. Containing over 800 biologically active substances that are very close in structure to human skin cells, ELIER HighlyOrganic Complex® works at the cellular level and is able to positively […]

Why Elier?

ELIER UNIQUE ~ An Eco – Luxury brand based on exclusive natural technology, long standing history and beautiful results. HISTORICAL ORIGINS ~ Made by Appointment of Her Majesty Empress Catherine II the Great. CONSUMER FOCUS ~ For women who are passionate about enhancing their beauty – naturally and effectively. INDUSTRY FOCUS ~ For retailers and […]